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Update: Braves and Pirates Make a Deal and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are reporting that the Atlanta Braves have traded the young power hitting first baseman, Adam LaRoche, for prized left handed reliever, Mike Gonzalez.

According to the Post-Gazette, the Pirates included another player in the deal, possibly Salmon Torres.

The deal would vastly improve Atlanta’s bullpen, adding Gonzalez’s 24 saves and 2.17 ERA and most likely another young arm from Pittsburgh’s ‘pen.

The Pirates receive the power hitter they’ve long been covetting. LaRoche is only 27 years old and smacked 32 home runs last year and has increased his home run and RBI total every year he’s been in the league.

Rumor: Yankees Pushing for 3 Team Solution

Rumors began to swirl yesterday about a possible trade in which the Yankees would swap Melky Cabrera for Pittsburgh’s Mike Gonzalez. Today, the author that first reported the rumor, Newsday’s Ken Davidoff, has brought a third team into the mix, the Atlanta Braves. In the rumored deal, the Yankees would send Cabrera to the Braves, the Braves would then send Adam LaRoche to the Pirates, and the Pirates would ship Gonzalez to the Yankees. The Yanks would get the left handed reliever they’ve been searching for to place in front of aging veteran Mariano Rivera (and possibly serve as an insurance policy in the event of a Rivera injury). The Braves would put the 22 year old Cabrera in the outfield and could use him to replace Andrew Jones, should the Braves deal him or lose him to free agency next year. The Pirates of course would get the power hitter that they’ve been looking for. LaRoche hit .285 last year while slugging 32 home runs. To be honest, the deal seems to make quite a bit of sense (which I can rarely say about three team trades). I’m not sure if all the teams involved would go for it (Braves and Pirates might be able to get more out of the players involved), but this is one of the more plausible rumors I’ve heard lately.

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